Mock Displays

Would you like a glimpse into the other project I was working on for college. It has already long been handed up, and interestingly – it turned out to be such fun to produce!!
Once the edit had been done, that is. Editing is usually my big weakness – I find it extremely hard to settle on the required number of shots and can not see the wood for the trees when it comes to quality of my own images. Presentation, however, is something I am pretty quick and decisive on. 
In the case of this project I had been trying to recreate 1940s film stills. The result was actually really good – well, in my own humble opinion that is… 
The plan was to show these images in the context where they would have sat years ago. I am probably an old fogey for being able to remember (and being old enough) that I know these display cases that used to be outside the cinemas in my youth – you know, sort of pinboards behind glass, in which the cinema owners pinned stills from the film on show, along side promotional posters and pictures of the film… Very old-school and nostalgic. But heck, retro is all vogue!!!
Firstly, though, Sonja had to make a suitable backdrop for the display – all shiny, luxurious texture it was meant to be. More or less on a whim I picked up a piece of A1 foamboard at the printers’, not even knowing whether it was suitable, and then played around with it at home. I looked through my drawer of material and crafts stuff and found an old curtain that was actually shiny gold!!! Perfect. So I basically just covered my foam board and then pinned the pictures onto that with proper pins. Aner here is the result of the Swedish jury:

The poster takes centre-stage and then the stills are arranged around the poster. I should really also add a little printed sign that says “film showing at 8 pm” or something like that.

Ah such fun. I loved this project. And maybe there will be more to come…

Any Comments?

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