Summer, Impromptu

Impromptu is often the best. A beautiful summer evening. 23 degrees at 8pm. No kids obligations. We get a bag of chips and have dinner at the beach.

A walk across the ripples. The sun is beginning to set. We pass through the shadow of the big chimneys. All I have is my camera phone. What I get is this.


Impromptu is good.

2 thoughts on “Summer, Impromptu

  1. Servetus

    This is where I think you get the benefits from the photographic training — insofar as you know how to *look* for scenes like that, how to notice them. Ordinary mortals are often more oblivious.


    1. Sonja Post author

      A matter of perspective. In both senses of the word. Leaving your usual POV and getting down is the secret, as any photographer would probably tell you.
      I am always more amazed at the quality of shots that the iPhone can produce. And mine isn’t even a snazzy new one but an ancient iPhone 4…
      But thanks, anyway 😀



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