Monthly Archives: February 2013

Back in Black

So, 2picsaweek is back after a four month hiatus. The reasons for the break in blogging were mani-fold: First of all I had technical difficulties. After two years of blogging, the domain finally ran out in early November 2012. Unfortunately I was not only unable to renew the domain, for administrative reasons I also could not remove the automatic URL forwarding from my blogger home to the (now un-)paid domain. I was stuck in a black hole, so to speak, unable to rescue my pure and sweet blog from the association with dodgy picture sites the links to which were loudly advertised on the domain parking website that showed up on my regular URL. Hmph.

Murky reasons for absence… but hey, I am back in black (and white)

Secondly, in November I was still at the end of my graduation-induced photography-aversion. I hadn’t quite come to terms with the end of my degree, with the end of three years of almost-daily meetings with my fellow students who had long become firm and close friends of mine. In hindsight, I think I was grieving for the end of a great period of time in my life. And the forced hiatus was almost welcome to me, as it meant I had no pressure of coming up with any photo-related posts and could ignore my painful photography-indifference.

Coinciding with that, however, was a development in my private blogging life that meant that I was actually thinking and writing about photography more than ever. It wasn’t my own photography, though, that I was writing about, but the portrait photography of other photographers that I started analysing for a private project of mine week-by-week. Gratifyingly, my work there has not only met a lot of interest but led to interesting discussions about details of my analyses – and the subjects of my analyses – so as to make me forget that I had another photoblog that I used to love writing…

With the new year came new resolutions. And even if it is now two months in, I still hold fast to the resolution of continuing with 2picsaweek. My portrait blogging activities have shown me that I still love photography. I may even love writing about photography more than producing photography *shock* and that is an interesting development in its own right. Especially when considering that I am toying with the idea of an MA in Photography – or Photo Theory? Maybe my strengths lie in the combination of both – writing and photography. So I resolved to resolve the barren status of 2picsaweek. As the domain name situation remains unchanged, but the name of my blog is kind-of established, the best option seemed to be moving the entire blog to a new platform. And so I am now based on WordPress – which allows me to continue to blog under the title of 2picsaweek – only with a new suffix:

I can live with that – and with the slight design changes. Unfortunately WordPress is not as easily customizable as Blogger, and so I had to abandon my beloved typewriter font and minimalist design that is directly related to my website design. The general gist and look of will remain the same, though: two pictures (of mine) a week, with an assortment of ideas, critiques, tech garblings and private warblings on the side. I look forward to 2013 and hope I haven’t lost all of my two-and-a-half readers in the process of waiting, breaking and resurrecting. Keep shooting, guys, Sonja shoots back.