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Roaring Twenties

The recent post on Locks and Lashes’ Facebook page has finally shocked me into action again. So much for all my good intentions and New Year’s resolutions of posting more regularly. It’s not that I haven’t been photographing. I have. And I like the stuff that I produce. I am actually more annoyed with some technical blogging snags that keep me from posting more regularly. But well.

Last month, in any case, I was called out to shoot for Locks and Lashes. They were doing 1920s themed make-overs for their own portfolio, and I was thrilled to be shooting for them. Again. I previously had done a first trial shoot which I wrote about here. And in March they booked me for a shoot of a make-over which I haven’t even written about yet.

Doing a 1920s themed shoot gave me a bit of scope to play in Photoshop. Everyone who knows me knows that I am not particularly keen on postproduction work. With this, it was actually fun, because model Chloe in 1920s garb, make-up and hair really looked straight out of a Man Ray shot. You know which one I am thinking about. So add a bit of overexposure, and out comes this:

Locks n Lashes April (10)

Maybe I should have added a few scratches and stains to the image to make it look even older? But that would not help my clients, who want this in their portfolio. In any case, for once an instance where I enjoyed playing around with effects.

Dry Runs

Ireland is far from dry these days. Maybe that is why I am reminiscing about Namibia even more today than usual. No, it’s also because one of my friends has just returned from a holiday in that most beautiful country. And thus I felt inspired to play a little with my Namibian holiday pics. Plus, I am at the point again where I’d much rather like to fiddle with Photoshop than study for my law exam *doh*.
Don’t get me wrong – my Namibia pics do not need any photoshopping. (Ha! There is a confident statement, eh?) But I was looking for some images that contain lots of azure blue sky and some green and red because I wanted to check out a neat little trick I learnt. How to create an infrared image in PS. 
Well, if you have never been to Namibia you might think that that is what the landscape looks like – dried out trees, brown leaves. Yellow rocks? No, the other way round – green leaves, red rocks. Even though I was there in their winter, i.e. when it is not raining and everything is pretty much dried out, Namibia was wonderfully colourful. What you see up there is an infrared effect, in the absence of a filter recreated in PS.
It’s quite an easy exercise, actually, all you need to do is invert the original image and then play in channel mixer on the red and blue channels and with hue and saturation. I am hooked – I have converted about 10 images at this stage, and I like the effect. Especially when you have cloudy scenes you get dramatic skies. The non-blue bits will come out very white and contrasty, adding an eerie, almost alien, menacing tone to the otherwise quite idyllic images. It’s worth checking out.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Let’s be topical. It’s Valentine’s Day today. Not that I take much notice of it. Just another artificial holiday for Hallmark to sell more cards. Or could it be that I am the most unromantic woman ever? Well, I’ll give you a Valentine’s pic, though.

Prince Lionheart

This is another example of some Photoshop-ping. Apart from cropping the image and hiding some nasty lines of the wall, I also had to clean up the lion. Eagle eyes can probably spot where I used the clone stamp tool. Some silly eejit racist had written the words “jew” onto the lions leg. Whatever for, I do not know, but it ruined the image. Graffiti is a nice photo subject, but not if it is offensive and criminal. And so I “rubbed” the word out of the image.

It’s truly great what you can do with PS. (And what I am capable of doing is only the tip of the iceberg.) We learned a few tricks in college last year, but I have to say that I draw the line at beautifying the people whom I photograph. Well, ok, I’d probably mercifully and graciously delete a nasty red zit from their face, but I wouldn’t turn a frown into a smile or rub out a permanent mole or even out the freckles. It’s all part of the sitter’s look and personality. Beautifying is sanitising and altering beyond recognition. Purist, me? Yeah. How far would you go, though?

Right, then, if you are off to your Valentine’s dinner tonight, have fun – surely looooads of interesting conversations to eavesdrop on, considering that you’ll be sitting on someone else’s lap the way they are cramming the tables on a night like this. And don’t go too far, kids!!!