Book Making

I am not veering into betting here, but as part of my course I am currently maing a book as part of my submission to college. Or rather – I have already made my book. It is finally here, the book is here. I was getting rather nervous. Tomorrow is hand-in and I have not got my hands on my submission yet. This afternoon I checked the tracker and could not believe when I read that the status was “delivered”. I had only come home about an hour beforehand and there was nothing on the hall table. But then I just found it downstairs in the hall. *phew* The accountants must have taken it. 

The book is nice with its sleeve and I like the size of it. Slightly disappointed by the lacklustre colours, though – Hm, I may be overly critical. The colours on the last two pages actually do pop quite nicely (should’ve put that canteen in the book earlier on…)

Book design is actually quite easy these days. You can find offers of varying quality and – subsequently – varying price levels all over the internet. Especially the cheaper offers are good enough quality to use for a print-up of holiday snaps or a little book present. If you want a professional look and feel, I would advise you splash out and get it done by a service that offers a choice of papers and sizes rather than the usual “one size/paper fits all”.

I really like my cover design. And I am thinking to myself that I might actually present the work at the exhibition like that. Just one large image, photo printed, dibond. Also, am thinking that I would love to use this as a postcard for the exhibition. Must get that done asap.

But worst of all, though: OMC – I have just spotted two stupid silly akjgqasxxao TYPOS in my artist statement which prefaces my Blurb book. In Bridget Jones’s words: “F*********************ck!!!!”
Will I get the “non-native speaker” allowance? Too late to do anything about it now, but I am very, very disappointed with myself.

Any Comments?

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