I get sidetracked so easily. There I was, editing for my Hollywood filmstills the other day, when all of the sudden I had the great idea that my display/presentation needed a poster to go with it. Fair enough – but I launched into a great big graphic design side track… 
I guess I am really just fooling myself that what I am doing is really necessary. One should be finalising the edit, print the images, prepare the album and experiment with the presentation. And yet I distract myself with making a movie poster for my imaginary film that my project provides the stills and promo pics for. Those film posters really got me inspired and so I started playing in Ps to get a painted effect onto one of the images that I had taken. I came up with a whole storyline, basically, invented names for the supposed actors (maintaining my models’ privacy) and director.
The gif shows the development of my poster. I had settled on the teal background gradient at first because it seemed to complement the skin colours of the sitters. But it is actually quite a cold colour. Also, since I was presenting this on my gold fabric backdrop, then the teal doesn’t really work very well. I tried it with a gold-ish colour instead and that worked much better, I think. 
I am actually quite happy with my poster, even though the paint effect is not really strong enough, methinks. But to spend even more time on it seemed a bit OTT. Never mind that I then spent even *more* time making this gif *dooooh*…

Any Comments?

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