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I was tempted to title this post “Shitty day just got shittier”, but in the interest of the high standard of this blog (…) and in view of the fact that it doesn’t look good to come back to the blog after a couple of months’ absence with that kind of profanity, I’ll keep it clean. Fact remains though – I am deeply disappointed and annoyed. More with myself than with the actual shitty product I have received today. The lessons to be learnt from my experience are as usual self-referential.

Sligo small

You see, I had had the brilliant idea of making a few photo calendars. I owed a few people who have been helping me with a project. Since they are not based in Ireland, I wanted a personal gift that could be easily shipped. Photo calendars. Bingo. 13 landscapes of Ireland on my hard drive, quick upload onto the website of an online printer, bam bam bam and out. It literally took me five minutes to do, including research for a discount code. Nonetheless I paid 72 Euro for five desk calendars.

And here they are, looking shitty. What the…? What was I thinking when I made these? Apart from the quality of the calendar (images are grainy, design template of the calendar is crap), how the hell did I not see in a preview how bad this looked? Right, it is my fault that I forgot to put a title in – the usual snazzy “Ireland 2014 – 2015. But those landscapes look lost on the page, and the black frame around them looks like a condolence card decoration, and theĀ  monthly calendar bit looks cheaply designed. Those images are massively big files (4000×2666) – how canthey come out grainy? Dafuq??????????

Moral: Don’t do things in a hurry. I should’ve looked at this closer.
Moral 2: Not using that particular printer again. (Name on application).

That’s 72 Euro straight into the bin. Arrrrrrrgh.