Pantone Eat Your Heart Out

There is only one reason why I am consoled with the fact that the nights are getting longer: I get to see the most gorgeous sunrises when I work on my early morning shift every day.

Ireland has the most fabulous morning skies! It must be the proximity to the sea – with the air cooling in the sunless night, the night sky is often without clouds. As the sun rises and the air is being warmed, clouds form where the sea hits the land and in the warm glow of the morning sun, the sky sparkles in all shades from bright pink to burning orange with patches of vibrant blue. 

It is a sight I never tire of – despite knowing the bad rap that sunrises and sunsets get from people. Tacky. Picture postcard kitsch. Well, stuff that. *I* am in total awe of the colour feast that nature provides for me every morning. And I cannot help but record the ever changing variety of hues. Pantone eat your heart out! 

I am reminded of the almost excessive description of the Atlantic skies in “The Boat”. Lothar Günther Buchheim’s anti-war novel is one of my favourite books of all time (first read at age 14 – take that for a geeky girl! – and read for the second time immediately after finishing it for the first time *haha*) and to this day I love the dichotomy of the book: the hard, unsentimental account of u-boat warfare contrasted with the poetic description of beautiful, sun-painted Atlantic skies. I feel vindicated in my love for sunrise photography. Sure, if a macho war correspondent can write about them with lyric tenderness, a soppy woman may do so, too…

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