Holiday Snapper

Hello there from my holidays! They have just been extended due to unforeseen circumstances. It seems as if my gran – who may RIP now – had decided to hear my plea for some sun and relaxation and this way wangled an extension of my stay in Germany. So, more opportunity to do some holiday snapping?

After all my disillusion with photography, the holiday probably was just what I needed. Of course, I couldn’t resist taking marky Mark with me. In fact, I carried him around every day, despite his considerable weight. More often than not I did not pull him out: my hands were greasy with sun tan lotion. Or there was a sandstorm on the beach. And the seaspray was misting up the lens. But a quick glance at my DCIM shows me, that I took pictures (almost) every day. 
The images mainly amount to holiday snaps. Documenting the holiday accommodation. Sunset on the beach. A trip on a rail cycle. Landscape photography. Some history nerdism in view of the half-sunken Nazi bunkers of the “Atlantic Wall”. Most of the images are devoid of (recognizable) family members – a characteristic of all of my holiday snapping ever, which tends to focus on architecture, attractions and landscape and tries to ignore any reference to the human company I am keeping. What conclusion can be drawn from that??? (Let’s not go there, methinks…)
I suppose we all have our own approaches to holiday photography. How do you snap on holidays? Am I a total weirdo with my strictly-no-people!-approach? Humour me and click the poll!
Your holiday photography approach:

2 thoughts on “Holiday Snapper

  1. Anonymous

    I just tried to vote and the first time around my vote didn't seem to count! But well, second time was the charme:) Very happy you are shooting again! xxx, Dana


  2. Sonja

    Hehe, brilliant – so it all works. I've been weaving some code magic here, trying to get that poll away from its usual position on the sidebar into the post. Strangely, I cannot seem to change the language of the poll button *hmph*. But hey, it's pretty self-explanatory. Thanks for voting, Dana!
    S. x



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