PhotoIreland Festival 2012

While taking the first steps to recovery, the one thing I really can’t bear at the moment is looking at other people’s work. Well, every photograph is “other people’s work”, really, but I just can’t bring myself to go and have a look at what is on offer at PhotoIreland. And that is a fluffing shame, really. Because when it comes to photography, I actually think that Dublin is quite spoilt for choice and activities. And never more than in the month of July. 
For a couple of years now the summer month has seen PhotoIreland  -a festival of national and international photography, this year centering on the theme of “migrations”. The festival is set in numerous galleries and venues all over Dublin and other major towns in Ireland and showcases artists, groups etc. Alongside, there are events for emerging artists who can have their portfolios critiqued and study the work of established photographers. For a lot of people, of course, it is also a networking event, where you can hob-knob with the eminent figures of the local photography scene.
Our own collective was a little bit too late in getting into gear for this year’s event. Migrations is a suitably vague theme, I suppose, I am sure we could’ve rustled something up if we hadn’t been in the middle of our final semester in college. 
Well, here is my interpretation of “migrations”: The great big Barbarian Invasions aka Migration of the Peoples:

Any Comments?

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