Curiosity Killed the Cr*p

I have finally touched marky Mark again. It took a week of sulking but finally, I succumbed. And what gets me to shoot again? No noble pretensions of artistic expression or altruistic urges of public information. Nope. It’s curiosity that got the better of me. Because right now, this minute, this is what is happening outside my front door:
I am a paparrazza. Well, that’s nice to know after putting in three years of semiotics, photo critique, copyright law and photographic theory… Twelve grand well spent. When all you need is a long lens and a curious mind?
Ok, stop the bitterness, Sonja. It’s not like that at all, of course. But I must admit that the last week was one of the lowest points in after my degree course. I felt turned off by photography completely, so disappointed I was with my mark, a very average 2.1, that I could not bear to even look at my darling marky Mark.
And then curiosity struck. The film people started gathering outside in the morning and I just could not resist watching and wondering. And eventually the camera came out to document it. Curiosity. Probably the singlemost important motivation for a photographer. Cos if we weren’t interested in the world around us, we wouldn’t bother carrying around bulky equipment, lying in wait for the sun to shine at the perfect angle, hanging ourselves out of windows on the third floor to catch a glimpse of a scene.
The truth is, I still love photographing. I am not sure if I love having my work graded and appraised and critiqued, though. Tough t*ts. Get over it, Sonja.

Any Comments?

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