Still firmly in the grip of PTSD, and even more so since the results of college came out a few days ago – and did not meet my expectations. But at little light at the horizon is gracing this dull, grey midsummer day: The 20×20 exhibition is looming and I have made it into it with my submission.
I had nearly forgotten about this exhibition for which a call for submission went out earlier this year. Open to current and recently graduated photography students, Dublin fine arts printers Inspirational Arts were looking for “moments from the side”. Or in their words: 

The theme ‘Peripheries – Moments From The Side’ explores the role of photography and it’s potential for capturing the everyday surrealism, humour and grace with which we live our lives in today’s Ireland. All styles are included, from the staged to the opportune, and the carefully composed straight shot to the digitally transformed abstract.

Between 50 and 60 photographers sent in their entries and 20 of them will be displayed in the iA premises from next week. When I received a call last week from iA to come in and choose the paper for my print, I did not cop on at all that that meant my image was going to be on the wall. I actually had to ask them straight, whether I was going to be in it…
I don’t want to show my picture here just yet – if you are curious, please come and see it when the exhibition opens on Thursday, 28th June at 6.30 pm or visit the gallery space until Friday, 13th of July. But I’ll tease you with an image from the same series that my submission came from. 
Last October I had been out to Arklow to visit a friend for tea. As I left her, I was in a slightly morose mood (much the same as today – is there a theme here???) and decided I needed to seek solace in the desolation of a cold, windy, deserted beach in rainy autumn weather. The car park in Brittas Bay was deserted. There was hardly anyone on the beach. The sky was overcast and grey. I hugged marky Mark closely to me, to prevent him from getting wet. I stalked around on the beach, watching the waves crashing violently onto the strand, being drawn towards the sound and the power of the sea. I had to snap myself out of the reverie before I got totally drenched. I snapped a few images on the beach – sand, waves, gulls. Then I headed back towards the car park. And as I was walking through the dunes, my eyes caught the glistening droplets of water, hanging from the bracken and sparkling lively despite the dull day. Almost an epiphany, I guess. And that’s when I finally found my moment from the side…
inspirational Arts
Herbert Street
Dublin 2
28th June – 13th July

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