Panic Stations

Sometimes you think you have it all planned – and then the weather hits you. And particularly so in Ireland. I had been due out at the lighthouse for a second shoot this week as the first batch were just not enough. Monday came – and lashed with rain. Tuesday passed without the car. By Tuesday evening I was in a right panic.
But hey, the Cambo was sitting in its box in the hall and one floor below me was a studio with lights. All that was missing was a light meter. But heck, I decided to work out exposure by shooting a digital testshot and adjusting the lights according to what I saw on the screen.
And what to shoot? This had to be close-up – a nice challenge, what with working out bellows extensions and extra stops. So down I went, arranging my little brass temples on a table, popping up the view camera and shooting away.
Digital testshot
Considering that this was my first time shooting close-ups with a view camera, it went quite well. I had to apply the grey matter a good bit to work out my bellows extensions. (M+1)²… image over object… twice focal length… infinity focus… Yes, the lingo is mine now, too. Five long hours I slaved away in the studio, but I got six images in the bag and so I was :-).
The negatives were processed yesterday by yours truly. Note to ADOX: It would really help if you had a section on your website somewhere that gives the processing times for your wonderful film!!! As it was, I had to basically fumble my way through it, basing developing and fixing times on approximates. Not good! But the results are ok, the negatives are not destroyed. They look a bit too dark to me, however. But that can only be determined, once I take a contact print of the negs, hopefully over the weekend. Phew.

Any Comments?

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