Do you like to see yourself in print? Sure, that is one of the reasons why many of us are photographers: We do not only love taking photographs but we also think that others might like to see what we produce. We “make” photos because we want to communicate something through them. Sometimes we document important events which the public ought to know about. Sometimes something funny and unusual catches our eye and we want to make others laugh. Or we see the beauty in something and capture it on film for other to enjoy as much as we do.
Only few of us are lucky enough to earn our living with photography. Photography is a craft and an art combined. Thus it depends on the tastes of the public and not only the technical skills and aesthetic vision of the photographer whether he or she is commercially successful. For most of us the money does not really come into it. We snap and shoot, anyway. Photography is an obsession, and probably has to be, if it is considered an art…
But to get back to my initial point: Your photos are worth nothing if noone wants to see them. And thus I was incredibly chuffed when I was approached by an Irish charity recently who asked me to contribute one of my images to their annual charity Christmas card project. I was more than happy to hand over an image. Exposure as a photographer and doing good combined – could it get any better?
Irish Deaf Kids is a non-profit organisation that is committed to supporting children with hearing issues in Ireland. IDK provides resources and support to parents of deaf children, with particular focus on inclusive mainstream education. The proceeds of the Christmas card project will fund the charity’s good work in the next year. If you want to do good, you can support IDK by purchasing a pack of Christmas cards. Details are here on the comprehensive IDK website.
Do-goody that I am, I would like to ask you to consider giving away a photo of your own to the charity of your choice, too. Or, as it is almost too late for such a project in conjunction with a charity this year, have you considered printing your own Christmas cards, selling them to friends, family, business partners, colleagues etc. and passing on the proceeds to a charity? It may only be a small project and won’t make you any money, but the gratification is priceless… 

Any Comments?

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