Taking the Opportunity

Are you spontaneous? I often feel that photography is about being spontaneous. Literally seizing the moment and taking pictures. Whether it is that clear sky that you have been waiting for for weeks in order to catch some plane trails, the “decisive moment” when everything comes together on a street shoot, or the rare event of the whole family having gone camping for the day and you are free to do whatever you want…
I had one of those spontaneous moments last week. Now, I never leave the house without Marky Mark, and I had imagined that I might take some pictures when meeting a friend for a drink on a boat. In the end I was too engrossed in chatting than to pull out the camera and shoot. But when we left the spontaneous moment presented itself.
Samuel Beckett Bridge
Samuel Beckett Bridge links the Northside of Dublin with the Southside across the river Liffey. It was designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. Its shape is supposed to be reminiscent of a harp lying on its side. Normally the bridge is choc-a-bloc with traffic, but this time it was closed to traffic. They were testing the bridge opening up, I think. So out came Marky Mark and away I shot. Of course I didn’t have a tripod with me, so I had to shoot at high ISO instead. Nonetheless – it was one of the more successful spontaneous sessions of recent times. And it has reinforced my belief that it is always necessary to carry the camera with you at all times.

Any Comments?

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