G’lough Revisited

The last time I was in Glendalough, Co. Wicklow, I was there for a little postcard project of mine which I shot with the help of a friend. It was a coldish March morning and there was lots of to-ing and fro-ing with tripods, climbing onto fences to get different perspectives and some long-exposure/ND filter experimentation at the waterfall. Not to mention some extra excitement thrown in when a couple of lively dogs needed rescuing at a stream. No such kicks last weekend, if you ignore the appearance of the Irish SAR helicopter hovering over the lovely vale of Glendalough for all of two hours, involved in a rescue operation for a climber who had lost his footing above the old mining village at the Upper Lake.
Glendalough, Kroll-esque
No Ansel Adams, as you can see, despite the landscape well affording Adams-esque vistas. But I am not shooting with a large format camera, like Adams did, nor am I familiar with his Zone System of photographing. (Have you ever looked at that? Far too complicated for my taste!) I have deliberately embedded the image above in its original size because the small version of it here in the blog just doesn’t do it justice. Click the image to enlarge, and you can see the detail of the mining village at the end of the valley.
Which brings me to a question: Do you watermark your images? I really hate watermarks on images. And that is not because that would make stealing other people’s images difficult – I don’t do that (because I have no need to do so, ha! ;-)) – but because they are simply ugly and for me destroy any aesthetic merit an image might have. As silly as it sounds – I just can’t look beyond a watermark, it obstructs the picture for me despite its transparency. How stupid that blogger does not come with a disabled right-click-copy. Or does it? If so, please let me know!
PS: TWIMC – I have an ND filter now…

Any Comments?

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