Consolation photography

What do you do when you feel down? When you are bored or when you are largely uninspired? Do you have a go-to topic that you explore when you need consoling? Or is photography the furthest from your mind when you are not in top form?

With me it really depends. Well, obviously – if I am frustrated because of my photography, I would probably not turn to it for consolation. Or maybe I would – and photograph the things that I love photographing. My go-to consolation photography is interior photography. Yup, my guilty pleasure. It just rocks my boat. For starters, it is always available. Well – I live in a house so there’s the ready-made interior location at my disposal. I love that I don’t have to leave my house in order to be creative – I just grab my tripod and off we go in search of an interesting corner.

Interior photography is easy – the object of the shots are stationary and that is half of the shot in the bag. No lengthy explanations to a human model, either, about where to look and how to pose and what to do. No complaints from the photographed subject, either – walls may have ears but they certainly have no mouths…

I can take my time as long as I need, I can photograph the same bloody thing 50 times in a row, bracketing to my hearts’ content without anyone getting impatient. Oh, and I can work on my own, something that I occasionally enjoy, just prancing around alone, most probably with the iPod on, humming along and generally regaining my zzzzzing.

The weird thing is that I am never that pushed to actually look at the images I have produced in my consolation sessions. Sometimes it takes me weeks to have a look at them, edit them and post-produce them. Most of them don’t even get uploaded to a blog, or even Flickr. They have only been used for quick satisfaction of my needs. Consolation photography.

Any Comments?

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