Girl Scouts

After a rather disappointing experience a couple of weekends ago I had resolved never to go out shooting anymore without having scouted the location before. At least when photographing with the 4×5. Hence I had set aside this morning for a trip to Dun Laoghaire harbour where I am planning to shoot the lighthouses at the end of the two piers for a college project. Based on that previous trip where I had to concede that my vantage point was too far away from the object I wanted to photograph, I had carefully checked the focal length of the view camera’s lens to make sure I could take test shots with Marky Mark and find the spot where I would set up the 4×5 on a subsequent trip. 
And so I set off, Marky Mark by my side and a little acolyte for company. A beautiful day and a good trip. I found the best place to park my car (not very close), checked how much the parking cost (daylight robbery!!) and which vistas suited my purpose (any without people in it!). The sun shone nicely and even provided me with a nice preview of what I might catch on film – minus the lighthouse appearing to fall over backwards.
Test shot with the iPhone *ooops*
I also realised that – although I was going to shoot on the less busy pier – I would have to come out early-ish on my shoot if I wanted to avoid having people walk in on my shot all the time. A slight problem as we are now in winter time and the mornings won’t get light until 7.30 am – not exactly an ungodly hour and therefore I would still have joggers running, anglers fishing and dogs and their people walking into the frame. Why oh why could I not have done this project in the summer? Surely, the early worm i.e. myself would have caught the bird then (or something like that…) The whole tour along the pier takes about 25 minutes one-way. So time will be a factor to keep in mind (if I want to avoid being clamped by the carpark stasi).
Tomorrow then is the day. I’ll go out for 8am and get my first few shots in the bag. I’ll try to take some transparencies as well as I want to experiment with that in advance of my final project (although that will be shot indoors).

Any Comments?

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