Notice Anything?

Unspectacular. Someone was about to have a rather modest lunch. I know. But there are a couple of things that I hope you will notice if you look at the image a little longer.
Ok, you can only call yourself a photographer, if you have copped on to the fact that my salt and pepper cellars are film cannisters! (Made them today – if you want to know how, click on this link.) One way of putting those little containers to use after the film has been handed in and developed. 
In fact I still have about 20 rolls of b/w film sitting in my fridge. They had somehow blended into the background (on the egg shelf – fancy that!) and I had forgotten I still had so many films. Upshot: I need to go and shoot film. I don’t know what, though. Any suggestions from anyone? Anyone interested in doing something together? Not sure if the Friends of Analog are ready already – Project number 2 does not seem to have finished yet.
Leave me a comment with some suggestions – I am blocked!
Oh, and PS: Have you noticed anything else in the image? There’s something vaguely amusing hiding in the pic.

2 thoughts on “Notice Anything?

  1. Sethasaurus

    I like the salt& pepper shakers! I use mine for stashing spare cash.

    Looks like you have a winged visitor behind the salt.

    When does your term start? All my cameras for sale are ready to roll, so I'll have a chat to Hector and put some notices up at the college.



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