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Nerd Alert

It doesn’t happen very often that I literally can’t wait to download my pictures from the card *and* start editing and post-producing them. Usually, it takes something really special for me to be impatient about checking the booty of a shoot – or a commercial project, of course. But would I have ever expected to be turned on by one of the nerdiest photo ops *ever*???

I have spent all afternoon today on the roof of my house. Sheltered by the two apexes of the roofs and in the wind shadow thus created, I had a fabulous vantage point from which to follow the fly-past of the Flight Fest. Despite rain in the morning, it stayed dry all afternoon, and wrapped in my winter fleece and cozy under a Breton woolly hat, I defied the wind bite.

Flightfest 2013 (43 of 741)

Consider yourself teased – there are better shots than this. But this at least gives you the context.

Mind you, three hours of solidly spying the sky for planes, and keeping Marky Mark plus heavy 300mm zoom at the ready has been quite an exhausting experience. At the end of the afternoon, my wrist hurt really badly from cradling the equipment to keep it from shaking in the gusts of wind and blurring my shots. I will get into that in-depth on another occasion, because as yet I am still in the middle of post-production. Crop tool here I come. There’s a lot of sky in these images, and rather minute aircraft, especially the fighter planes that tended to bank towards the North, while I was sitting towards the South *hmph*. A few of the smaller aircraft thankfully banked in a tight bend and more or less flew directly over our heads. I stole a few good shots there, but it remains to be seen in my post-production what kind of images I can crop from the 80 percent sky/20 percent plane I captured in most.

Until then, I am off to the Big Smoke for another one of my annual trips to London. Catching up on lots of exhibitions. There’s some really cool stuff on, at the mo. But who am I kidding – there *always* is some really cool stuff on in London. How to get it all into my tight schedule is the question.