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PS, I’m Beginning to Love You

Never thought I would feel this, let alone write this. I am beginning to get into Photoshop. *shock horror* Maybe my dislike for it is really a deeply rooted fear that I might just not be able to get my head around the tool? There’s nothing to it but trying. I have messed around a bit with calculations and present you with another shot from last weekend’s fetish shoot.

Maybe I should have kept the Manhattan in the glass red. On the other hand, I find those partially coloured images kind of corny. In any case, I like the shot in b/w for a change. A red sofa is just a little bit too cheerful for a shot of this type.
On the subject of “this type of photography”: No sooner had I uploaded a couple of close-ups of the heels onto Flickr, I received immediate reactions to them in my stream – from people with rather evocative aliases and avatars. Hm. What is it with heels? They are just shoes!!! 
Back to PS. As there are about 360 shots to go through, there will be quite a pool of images to practice PS on. I am starting with the basics again – as you do when you only use PS once in a blue movie… eh… moon. (Sorry, Dr Freud, the context here is making my attention slip.) Cropping, levels, curves, calculations. I think I will have to dig out my notes from first year in college to remember everything we learned about enhancing photos. If you have any pointers – welcome!

Red Rubber and Zimmer Frames

Since I have started doing photography on a more serious, formal level (studying it at college level etc.), I find myself constantly pushed to explore new techniques, topics and genres. Along the way I have met some pretty cool and interesting people – my fellow class mates of course – but also the people who have been gracious and kind enough to be my sitters. One of them is on the way of becoming my inofficial muse. S___ suggested a shoot for last weekend, and it was yet another highly intense yet valuable learning experience. Not least because the theme of the shoot was “pin-up”, veering into fetish photography.

I had never been very au fait with erotic photography (despite in my previous life working in a job where I had to review erotica and worse almost on a daily basis), so this project was virgin soil for myself. It is, of course, great when you work with sitters who have had previous experience on photo shoots. This was the case with S___ and M___ whom I photographed yesterday. It helps, too, when the models are friendly, open minded people who enjoy a chat, have few inhibitions and don’t mind a wait while the greenhorn photographer gets her own prudish embarrassments settings right.

The theme for the shoot had been set by my sitters. They wanted to be photographed in rubber dresses and high heels. I quickly found myself drawn towards the aesthetics of shiny latex and sky-high heels as these translate so easily and dramatically well into photographs. Indeed, even half way into the shoot, the ladies stated that I obviously have a shoe fetish, just based on the amount of close-ups I was taking of the heels –  from all angles and perspectives. (Pssst – I have never even attempted to stand on anything higher than 2 cm. How I would deal with 8 inch platforms, I cannot imagine. I would most definitely need a zimmer frame to get around, so that would probably cancel out the erotic fantasy.)

The reflective rubber, made even shinier by a special oil that is rubbed in for photo shoots (!!), proved less challenging than I thought. I worked with only one light in the shoot, leaving the softbox on throughout. The result was a soft illumination of the skin and faces of the ladies, while still giving a nice, punchy catchlight on the rubber. And red is such an attractive colour to photograph. Whatever it is about red, it gives an image an instant ooomph, I think. With 360 images taken, I have my work cut out for me now to edit and post-produce them – not really my main interest when it comes to photography, but an inescapable part of the photographer’s job nowadays.

Anyhow, loved it, and particularly the heels. Oh and by the way: if there is anybody out there with a zimmer frame fetish – please get in touch! :-))