Hahahahave Made It

If you remember my post on falling into work mode rather than fangirling at the red carpet, you’ll recall how unhappy I was with my resulting photographs due to bad decision making. Turns out the fans were not as critical as I was. Well, I weaved some post-production magic over the ten two images that were miiiiiildly acceptable and threw them out there. The old b/w trick worked particularly well, and it also helped that in the following image the subject was incidentally lit by the flash of someone else’s camera.

IMG_4896Still fuzzy and I am not talking about Mister’s stubble there. But a razor-sharp picture of the hair. Maybe Pantene will come calling?

I was laughing out loud today, though, and not entirely ironically when I saw that a fan had actually used my pic above to have an iPhone case printed. I have made it as a photographer! iPhone cases are only the start. I expect tote bags, coasters and t-shirts next.

4 thoughts on “Hahahahave Made It

  1. Servetus

    I feel like this is a general problem with art / writing — the stuff I love people are meh about while the stuff people love is usually not stuff I’m tremendously proud of ???? But hey. You only need that one iconic photograph to sell well, and then you can retire 🙂



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