Happy New Year

The new year is still fresh enough to announce resolutions. Mine is 72ppi.

Ok, lame joke. But nonetheless I am starting off the new year with resolutions good intentions. Same procedure as every year, James.

2014 I want to…

  • take make more pictures
  • try more new things with photography
  • finish at least *one* photography project
  • get more photography work
  • make my blog live up to its name (TWO pics a week, for Cod’s sake, can’t be *that* hard, can it?)

The last one is possibly the easiest resolution to reach. I am making my start now – on the penultimate day of week 1 in year 2014. At least that gives me the opportunity to post the second image tomorrow…


Whitepark Bay, Co. Antrim

Happy new year, everyone!

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Servetus

    Is this one of those jokes photographers groan at? I thought it was hilarious! Best wishes for the success of your creative plans.


    1. Sonja Post author

      Haha, yes, it is one of those jokes. Probably been made a million times 😀
      Writing my second post for this week right NOW, ready to be scheduled for tomorrow morning. I am going to bust these resolutions *fistpump* 😉


    1. Sonja Post author

      Ha, I should’ve specified in my resolutions that the pics for 2picsaweek have to be newly made – otherwise I’ll be falling back on the ever-trusty archive… as I am doing in week 1.
      Marky Mark has been very good last year – he certainly helped me make some really nice portraits at the end of the year *ggg*. Let’s see if he’ll continue being my trusty servant…



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