Coincidence or a Sign?

I was walking up Nassau Street, yesterday, rushing out on a last-minute errand, pushing my bike on the pavement in the one-way-street. Although in a hurry, I noticed a sticker on the pavement in passing – a worn-down sticker with the easily recognisable NOH8 logo on it. “Hm, about time  that we heard from *that* venture again”, I thought to myself, and happily went on my way. The shoot had taken place on the 30th June, with me posting about it here on the 1st of July.

Well, lo and behold, but what should I find in my inbox the very same evening but an e-mail from the NOH8 campaign. ” We know it’s taken just a little bit longer than expected, but we’re happy to announce the photos taken at the open photo shoot at the Independent Theatre Workshop are now online.” Coincidence? Kismet? Telepathy? Whatever! But as part of the deal from back then, we were sent a download link to one of the images that were taken at the shoot to download and re-post as we see fit. So in complete ignorance of my usual rule of only posting my own work on this blog, I bring you an image of Miss Piggy posing for NOH8.

NOH8 Adam Bouska

Image (c) Adam Bouska

I will resist criticising the image to death – it’s main flaw is that I am in it. Otherwise it is just like all the other NOH8 images – white blown out background with subject dressed in white in front. The logo really stands out quite well from my rosy piglet skin although I think there has been altogether a bit much skin filter applied to me. It really does nothing for the lack of definition along my jaw-line, but hey, the purpose of the shoot was not to get a beautiful portrait of me but to advertise the campaign.  And in all fairness, the campaigners write in their e-mail “We want you to be proud of your photo, so if you have any issues with your photo then please feel free to follow up with us.” Nah, it’s fine. I like the defiant, proud look in my eyes, the correct shade of blonde of my hair (all real, btw *haha*), and the dynamic feel of the image. Not a great fan of those (Asian?) smile gestures (the finger V), but that’s merely niggling.

So there we are. International campaigner for gay equality. I stand proudly beside such luminaries as George Takei, Liza Minelli, Alan Cummings and etc. Or rather – they can stand proudly beside me! NOH8!

More info on the campaign here.



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