Sunsets for Sanity

Could be the headline for a some new age-y, esoteric therapy that involves people staring into the sunset in an effort to regain their sanity. Come to think of it, maybe that is what it is for me? I keep making these pictures of sunsets. Nothing special – taken from my kitchen window, most of the time with the iPhone. A quick snap. More often than not because I need another shot for my Project 365. If I am honest, it is probably my sanity project. Or that’s what it appears like now that I looked through my camera roll and noticed how many of them there are.


This is actually just a selection of them. There’s more. Am I going mental? Or just soft with age? Or lazy? Sunsets are the easiest thing to photograph. Somehow the camera does all the work, creating a stunning image every time. It’s chemistry, really. Well, or maybe it is physics. The low position of the sun near the horizon means that the light has to permeate through more atmosphere. A lot of the usual blue light is thus filtered out, leaving the wonderfully warm orange, red and purply tones. Pollution from the city adds to this – more gas means more filter for the light to penetrate. A natural blue filter – great stuff.

Come to think of it – I must bring marky Mark out and photograph with him. The different WB settings might give some interesting effects.

Any Comments?

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