Ok, Off Your Arse, Missy

Nothing better to get your arse in gear than talking with other photographers. I have just had three hours of catching up with a photographer friend of mine, and I am mightily impressed by the photography-related activity that he has been engaged in in the last three months that I hadn’t seen him. Whereas I… Well, ok, I had settled for myself, that my path is not leading me towards the lofty heights of art photography. So portfolio reviews and calls for submission are not really my scene anymore. But that doesn’t excuse my ignoring art photography. Or neglecting my blog.

Two pics a week. Well, two pics per month, more like, at this stage of the sad affairs. And not really for want of having something to say. Because, looking back on the last month since posting, I *did* actually do quite a few photo-related things. I all but skipped Photo Ireland, the annual photography festival – to my shame, yes. But I actually did make the effort and went to see two photo exhibitions when on holiday in good ole Germany. (I hereby resolve to review them asap. They were worth it.) I kept writing my weekly photo-analysis on a different blogging-platform than this. I have been updating my notes for the Kildare Artist’s Notebook Project.  While holidaying I took plenty of pictures. I have made two photobooks (ok, holiday snaps, but hey, that involved long hours of post-production *sighs*). My creative juices got flowing last week on holiday when I embarked on a mini-project involving close-ups (to be disclosed here, soon). And *whoa* – I even did a semi-commercial shoot for a friend who needed pro-photos for a competition entry.

Looks like I wasn’t really quite as ass-focussed as I thought *hm*. But nothing to show for it. At least not here. So in the old tradition of the blogosphere as a mighty big confession box, I shall absolve myself from my sins by publicly punishing myself with at least four blogposts in the next three weeks. I will hold myself accountable.

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