Passport Photo Problem

Best thing about being a photographer? Being able to create a picture in a matter of minutes. 
Hang on. Anybody can do that. 
Heck, everybody has a camerahone these days, so snapsnapsnap we go. So maybe I need to be a bit more specific in my statement here.
Best thing about being a photographer? Having access to the gear and studio that enables you to create a useable image in a matter of minutes. 

You would think. I was called by a professional body to whom I had applied for membership. All-clear – membership processed (yay) but could I quickly send through my passport photo, high-res colour version, please? Duh. Hard to believe, and even harder to admit for a photographer, but I didn’t have a decent passport pic of myself in digital format. Arrrrgh. Typical. But hang on. I have a camera with 21 m pixels. And I have a studio at my disposal, too. It’s unfortunate that I don’t have a resident assistant, though, because I am slightly struggling with the concept of putting myself into a passport pic while simultaneously releasing the shutter. Another self-portrait exercise? Oh no, please, no!
So instead the present house guest  was roped in. I only needed him to push the button, but as usual the shoot turned into an exercise in problem-solving. While the current studio set-up was perfect for a passport portrait – white backdrop and big octabank softbox – there was one problem: yours truly’s feckin’ glasses!!!! Whichever way I shoved them up and down my nose, angled my face away from the light, moved the softbox up and down – we always caught two rectangular green reflections on my specs! Graaaah! Even with 10 foot ceilings the massive softbox was too big and still caused shadows on one half of my face. Good thing there was also another daylight lamp in there that was smaller and thus allowed us to get shadowless light from above. And still I had to resort to kneeling down and force my shutter release pusher on his knees, too, to get a clean shot. And I had to offend marky Mark by letting the shutter release pusher shoot on automatic – cos it appeared to be too much of a multitask exercise to control autofocus, exposure and f-stop manually…
Half an hour later we had the shot in the bag. Jeepers, how was this ever done in analog times?? Best thing of being a photographer? It should be that you have looooads of photographer friends who will fulfill all your photographic needs as they arise! At my disposal, please! You know who you are!

Any Comments?

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