Mirror, mirror on the Wall

My almost-daily musings on photographs today led me to think about mirrors in photography. (Tech nerds tune out – I am not talking about the internal mirror of the SLR but of the kind that hangs on a wall.) 
I was looking at a fashion shot in which the model was staring into a mirror, thus the viewer could both see the model’s impressive profile as well as the delectable face, full-frontal. Same, obviously, applied to the clothes in the shot. And I was wondering how good or bad I like that little style device.
Now, I’ve used it as a compositional device, myself. And felt thoroughly unoriginal for it. Shots over shoulder into the mirror *yawn*. 

This is evoking an image that gives the viewer a perspective on the subject from two (or more) points of view. (Just think of Picasso’s famous portraits of Dora Maar and you know what I mean. ) But this is actually Cubist photography on a far more realistic level than Picasso was ever able to create. No weirdo nose growing out of an ear and chameleon eyes twisting around to the sitter’s back. 

Art historians will tell me that that is not what Cubism is about. I am simplifying. Maybe it’s something to be explored in a different way…

Any Comments?

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