Photography has always been a very deceiving art: Choosing frame and composing the component parts of an image can put quite some spin on the documented reality. And it doesn’t stop there – there are all the tricks of the trade from clothes made to fit on a skinny model by stapling the garments into a big bunch behind her back; blazing fires in grand old fireplaces for interior photography – which in fact are just a ball of scrunched-up newspaper that lights up in the 10 seconds it takes to make the picture…

What we see in an image nowadays is less real than ever. And I really don’t mean that in terms of photoshopping ugly duckings into beautiful swans. Just a simple crop will do the trick – leaving out bits that are undesirable. Or enhancing colour and tone just with a simple click if we are lazy. 

I really do wonder whether it is honest to shoot digital. Isn’t film a much truer medium? What you catch on the negative is there. Bang. I am probably deluding myself, though, because in the age of scanners, negatives are probably not even used for enlarging anymore. They are just thrown on the scanner, scanned and then get the same lying photoshop treatment that all digital stuff gets, too.

Oh dear oh dear. Must be in a black mood tonight. 

Any Comments?

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