Communication Breakdown

Hello there, I have a bit of a housekeeping issue going on here. 

There isn’t a huge amount of commenting going on on this blog. Not complaining, just stating the facts, guys. I write, you read – a few brave souls occasionally give me their two Cent’s worth in the comments. Until recently – when I started getting loooooads of anonymous comments. 

No, nothing sinister, nothing threatening, nothing naughty. (Do I sound almost disappointed? Nah, I can do without stalkerish molestation.) Simply annoying – comments written in broken English, quite obviously just run through Google Translate to make up some kind of gibberish that was then posted in my comment box. The point of all that? To include links to dodgy websites, I presume. I never cared to click any of the links lest I should get infected with some nasty virus.

Anyhow, after a smallish trickle of comments a few months ago, the whole thing has become so regular and so annoying that I have finally come to the point where I have to close the comment box. I don’t particularly like moderating comments. I believe in free speech and all. But not if that is being used to post dodgy advertising on my blog. 

So, dear *real* readers. Sorry if I am putting a nuzzle on you. You can still comment away – it is just that the comment will come to me before it gets published on the blog. That way I can make sure that none of that fishy advertising cr*p gets through to the blog.

And to you advertising leeches out there: I have some strong words on my mind, but all I’ll say is – please stay away!

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