On my way down memory lane I have decided to schedule a few posts more on analog photography. But let’s start at the beginning, with the first ever image I developed photographically:

Making photograms is a great way of understanding how photography works. Essentially you take a piece of light-sensitive paper, arrange a few things on it, expose the paper to light and then develop it. (Possibly be a little bit more careful than me and make sure NOT to get stray hairs exposed onto the paper, either…)

The development process is rather straightforward for photograms, too. The exposed paper is first placed in a bath of chemicals for 90 seconds which will develop the image. Next it goes into another solution for 30 seconds to stop the development process. Then it has to go into a third set of chemicals for 10 minutes to fix the photogram. After that it has to be washed for about 30 minutes in water to clean off the chemicals. And presto – there is the developed photogram. Well, not a Man Ray, but a Part-Time Punk!

Any Comments?

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