Loocation Shoot

“A picture says more than a thousand words.” Really? Well, I suppose there’s always more to see than just shapes and colours. There are various levels of meaning and interpretation. (Don’t stop reading. I promise I am not going to launch into some semiotic analysis of connotations, denotations and signifiers!) And some pretty strong clues in this one. Quizzy Quiz. I wonder whether my readers could identify what exactly this image represents and or refers to:

Too high-brow? Or too much along the lines of toilet humour? Did I once say that I do not appreciate pictures of ghost estates and empty car parks? In what way is this different? I suppose it is the humour that allows the taboo to be shown. A man sitting on a loo. Not quite what you want to look at (even though all “bits” are covered). Great fun to shoot, though. We were all in stitches, laughing. It was hard for me to keep the camera steady – and for my model to keep his face straight.¬†

I think that particular location should really be used more often. Fashion shoot in my loo, anyone? A loocation shoot, so to speak…

Any Comments?

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