Skates on

Jeepers, I really need to get my skates on. Or maybe that is the wrong colloquialism to describe my particular area of deficiency. I need to get my lab coat on. For critical analysis. Or perhaps even my 1980s style glasses for up-to-the minute insider knowledge? I am so out of the loop – when it comes to contemporary photography and its practitioners. And with college and its handy force-feeding of other photographers’ work gone from my life, I am now on my own when it comes to recognizing trends, concepts, names.

The latter are a problem for me in particular. I used to pride myself on my memory when it came to names. Now it seems I have trouble remembering names. Early on-set Alzheimers? I am just back from a brainstorming seis for a future project. My three companions were throwing names around, and all I could add to the discussion was “ah, do you remember, you know, the guy with the war photography…” or “you know, whatshername, she was in that exhibition on women from all around the world…” Pretty much along the lines of Monty Python’s “you know, the fella from TV, with the glasses”… (can’t remember the name of that sketch, there, another instance of braindeath!)

Right, time to get my priorities right. Dial back the fangrrling a notch, Sonja (My area of expertise has recently shifted from critical analysis of visuals to uncritical appreciation of visuals aka ogling. No excuse!), cancel all the fangrrl blog subscriptions and get some photo blogs into the stream. Here’s what I have on my FB timeline:

1. PetaPixel – a funky mixture of updates on emerging photographers, classics, interesting projects, hardware news, the occasional crafty submission and must-see classics.
2. FStoppers – showcasing contemporary artists and projects, hardware news.
3. Philip Bloom – for all video needs, very entertaining but largely personal posts with lots of seriously nerdy videography talk, an authority on 5d2 videoing
4. PDN – no-nonsense hardware news, project showcase
5. American SuburbX – must see lens-based work and artists, many classics, mainly previous work (not current)
To name but a few. Any recommendations out there? Please yank me out of the dusty broom cupboard of photography gone by. I cannot forever continue to cite Dorothea Lange as my role model!

Any Comments?

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