Stormy Weather

Oh dear, when will I ever learn? This is the woman who has changed lenses while sitting on a sand dune where the Namib desert meets the Atlantic Ocean. I.e. where there’s plenty of sand and strong wind. Granted, it was only my 350d at the time. And did I not pledge here, in this very blog, that I would take greater care of marky Mark and honour and cherish him and never expose him to the elements while exposing images onto the sensor?

Hmph. Fail. I didn’t quite go as far as taking off the lens, but I think poor marky Mark may have suffered a bit on this “surfing adventure”. I was on the beach the last three days, and try as I might, I just could not avoid getting the fine sand of Tullan Beach into my trusty old camera bag and onto the camera. It is a bit of a crux – I want to USE my camera because it is my chosen means of documentation or communication. But I also need to preserve and protect it. What to do? Of course I shot with it. Despite the sandstormy conditions. It was just too beautiful, too interesting, too memorable. But marky Mark is overdue a proper clean. I have spotted some spots again; and despite hearty efforts at cleaning lens, UV filter, viewfinder, there are a couple of spots I just can’t seem to wipe off. It’s time for a trip to the camera cleaners. Or some lengthy sessions with Ps.
Back home to less sandy conditions tomorrow. But no rejoicing – while the camera won’t be threatened by sandstorms on the East coast, it looks as if Dublin is drowning in heavy rainfall. Jumping out of the frying pan into the fire…

Any Comments?

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