Thinking Caps On

Another exhibition over. It kind of passed me by very quickly, this time. Which is a pity, considering that it was our first exhibition as our new photo collective, Melt. So yesterday the pictures had to come off the wall and make way for the next exhibition which will be on in the lovely space in Farmleigh.
Is there a conclusion to be drawn from the exhibition? Not sure. It all happened too quickly. And despite invigilating on two weekends, I am not sure what the stats are for this show. How many people have seen it? How many people have engaged with any of the pictures? Were there any sales? I wish there was a handy little app – a “transparency report”, analytics of an exhibition. 
Resisting the urge to fall back into the fuzzy cushion of post-college depression, we need to get our skates on. I have made some attempts at project work but for the minute it has to rest because it is a project that I cannot shoot in Ireland. 
Going on holiday did make me take the camera in hand, though. And maybe another idea will be born out of the next little trip. I will be heading off today for a few days in the West of Ireland. The weather – as befits Ireland – is as bad as could be. Not ideal for photography. But good for thinking. I better bring that thinking cap!

Any Comments?

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