Block Island

Is there such a thing as photographer’s block? 
Judging from my own current total disinterest in photography there must be. It is tragic, really. Here I am, just finished three years of total photo immersion. And I hate the thought of touching marky Mark. I have actually been contemplating putting him onto the market and selling him off. 
It is probably just that point where you have reached a goal that you have worked for for a long time. And now that you are there, you don’t know how to proceed. A bit like reaching the summit after a long, arduous climb. And then heaving feet of lead that will not take you down to the valley again.
Spitzkoppe, Namibia
The only photography-related thing that gives me any joy these days is looking at images and writing elaborate critiques of them. I suspect that is not due to the magnificent photography, but rather the sitter who features in all of them. Plus, I get feedback for what I write from other fangrrls enthusiasts – which works as an incentive to go on.
In my current self-pitying state there is nothing but to wait and sit it out. My hopes are all on my holidays which are coming up soon. Maybe being in a foreign place will make me peer through the viewfinder again?
Meanwhile, morose greetings from Block Island.

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