Replacement Activity

What does a photo addict do when she feels absolutely no desire to touch a camera, but has to fuel the addiction? Right, she looks at photos. Pity that I cannot show you the images here – they are not mine and cannot be used without breach of copyright. And they are of fangrrly nature and therefore unsuitable for a respectable blog like this one. Instead I will do what the internet seems to go crazy for at the moment. Or is that only because the fangrrly circles I am currently knocking around in are populated by 14-year-old girls who love everything furry, soft and warm???
Reports have reached me that my cat has gone viral. Apparently Jag is making the rounds of the internet, pictured on the bonnet of a car, stretching his claws. And the picture wasn’t even taken by me. What is the copyright situation on that? Can pictures of my cat be taken by other photographers and then made viral??? (Just kidding, of course they can.)
Well, kitten Jag up there is my attempt at a strike back. Go on, that sad look in his eyes, the big blue peeps, the soft black fur against the white wood. You know you want to. Want what? Want to make him viral. Go on – steal my pic, post it on Facebook, on Twitter, Tumblr on whichever platform takes your fancy. Preferably and for fairness’s sake with a credit.
Gee, I am half tempted to take that camera up and take a follow-up shot of the full grown tom-cat right now. Nah, just joking, I think I’ll stay in anti-photography land for a while yet.

Any Comments?

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