… does not stand for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder but for Post Three Year Student Degree. It is over, and I have experienced a bout of PTSD. Or maybe it was more like a BO? That does not stand for body odour, despite the sweat that was shed, slaving away on shoots and visual diaries and submissions but is BO for Burn Out. In any case, I did neither feel like taking any pictures nor writing up how the grad show went. If it weren’t for my little iPhone 365 project, I wouldn’t have engaged in *anything* visual at all, save opening my eyes in the morning… But it is time to lay the ghosts at rest, to look truth in the face and to do what must be done – catch up with what happened, is happening and will happen in the future.
The grad show was meant to be the final culmination of three years of academic obsession with photography. For the past nine months we worked on projects that were going to be shown as our final project in the show. In hindsight it is safe to say that this was the most professional and most intense project attempted so far. And even though I had chosen the project myself and was genuinely interested in my own thesis for the project, I could not help but feel bored and frustrated with it by the time the grad show arrived. 
I just about managed to make a selection of images and half-heartedly decide how to print them. I spent a fortune on that – which I shouldn’t have but felt obliged to. And all this knowing, that my project wasn’t going to win any flowerpots there… Never mind – been there, done that. And here’s the proof:
Actually doesn’t look too bad in this image. Postcards and business cards at the ready – and a few of them were taken, so that was nice. But I am sooo ready to move on from this. My attention span is simply too short for any long-term stuff.
Moving on!!!

Any Comments?

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