Last Orders

prints? check
tape? check
scissors? check
screwdriver? check
ladder? check
measuring tape? check
business cards? check

eeek, hold on, where are my postcards???

Right, we are nearly there, the exhibition will be set up from tomorrow, and I am getting my kit together. While college supplies the little “sundries”, we have to bring the hardware in. And other bits like business cards and postcards in case we want to put those out.

Which reminds me that I should give the postcards a quick airing here. I was a bit late in my order this time round, but made use of the fast track order on Vistaprint. The 7-day-express order was over-punctual and made it to me within 5 days of ordering. As usual, the quality of it was perfectly adequate. What I really like about them is that you get a free b/w print on the back of the postcards, making them look really professional and also making them usable as replacements for business cards. 

I re-used my book cover design for my postcards. That was actually done for laziness as it was a smaller file to upload than the original printed composite. 

 Bring it on.

Any Comments?

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