A Word on Editing

That is my word on editing.
Could have also said: “Thank Cod, it’s over.” But that would have been four words. 
Seriously now, editing is my big red rag! All could be so easy if you didn’t have to edit. I love shooting, but what happens afterwards is just soooo booooring. And it’s not even that I think all my images are perfect and usable. Far from it. I just find that the fun is in the “click” not in the “pick”. 
Anyhow, needs must, and I have developed a certain process for dealing with this part of the work in progress. And an essential part of it is the tangible elimination process. For which I print out my images cheapo cheapo by way of a photo kiosk in the local chemist. (For my Hollywood filmstills the images came out exactly right – 8×6″ glossy. Pretty sharp. But didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Leave the limbs for later when the final edit has to be printed!)
With the images printed – and I didn’t limit myself there; I printed everything that I felt was actually usable as a final image – I then got the background out that the images were going to be displayed on and played with them there.
Yup, an old curtain is the backdrop…
First step is to throw everything on the backdrop. Then you sort them thematically – all portraits of person A, all stills of the strangulation, all full length portraits of person B etc. And thus the fun begins – a proper look at which image has the best lighting, which perspective works best. The difficult bit really is to find the required number of images and be consistent in terms of quality. Nothing stands out more than the one sub-standard image in a row of otherwise acceptable pictures. 
In this case I also had to take into account whether the images were landscape or portrait orientation. Bummer – that’s something I tend to forget when shooting and therefore do not necessarily shoot the same set-up in both orientations. In the end I managed to get my eight images and finalised my story-board.
Phew – I am so happy editing is over…

Any Comments?

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