Waiting Game

Digital photography: all clickclickclick. Immediate result. Download from Flash card to the PC in seconds. Retouching by a few clicks. Put through the printer in three more and *bang* there we have it. Who would have thought that digital photography can be such a waiting game? Because it really has been for me, lately.
I had done all my stuff for my professional practice class: I had gone out on location to shoot some interiors. I had bumped it up by a few more interiors from my own home. I downloaded it, edited it and put it through the Ps-treatment and then made a decision on how I was going to present it to college: as a mock interior design magazine. And that’s where the waiting started. I came up with a design, translated that into the design-system of my online photobook printer and sent it off – to wait and wait and wait for the result.
People with weaker hearts might have a heart attack. After all we are working on a tight schedule here. Hand-up is next week – and you always need to calculate a window for contingency. Well, happy end: My mock mag arrived yesterday and Sonja is happy. It is all glossy and shapely like a commercial interior design magazine. It’ll be handed up next Wednesday.
In the meantime I have gotten myself into another waiting game. This morning I did a wonderful shoot with a bunch of very creative people in my own house. Their project is top secret and thus I cannot disclose what we shot. And that is where impatience number 2 comes in: Sometimes you have to wait and wait and wait until you are allowed to show the images that you have taken because the clients have put a restriction on the publication of the shots. This is really hard for me because the shoot and the resulting pictures are just such fun. Can’t wait for the wait to be over. 
Are you as impatient as I am? Or do you think the best thing about photography is clicking the button, rather than showing what you clicked the button for? Better make myself another cup of tea for the wait…

Any Comments?

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