Inside Jobs

I have often complained claimed that photography is a lonely business. True, essentially the photographer makes the picture alone – there is only space for one index finger on the shutter release button. But friends can be involved in the process of photography with more than sitting for portraits. (And I have taken my share of exploiting my friends’ availability as models.) But recently I am taking advantage of more than just their pretty faces.
This picture would not have been possible without the wonderful support of my friend B___ …
My final project for college involves shooting staff canteens.  A fairly straight-forward project – if it weren’t for the suspicions that a request for permission to take pictures in a canteen raises!!! Industrial espionage? Food inspectors’ front? MI5 drop zones? Canteen managers must be reading too many thrillers, otherwise I can’t explain why some of my requests for permission to shoot have been rejected. 
The safest way into a canteen – I have found out – is through the door by way of introduction through a company insider. And this is where my friends come in: I have taken advantage of my friendships by asking my friends to get me into their very own staff canteens. They have been very supportive and absolutely great. In fact, more than half of my shoots have been thanks to “inside jobs”! And moreover, my lovely friends have also given up their own free time to accompany me into their canteens after work – and taken some piss-taking from their co-workers as to why they are bringing a weird photographer friend into their (usually fairly non-descript) canteen, of all places.
So, guys, it’s time to be humble. I need to show a bit of appreciation here. Thank you all so much for getting me into your workplaces, for suggesting places I should go to, for giving me input and support. It is much appreciated. And I will make up for it, in some shape or form. I am very happy to have such wonderful friends!

Any Comments?

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