Into Interiors

Phew, I never thought it, but thanks to large format photography and my subsequent decision to make a project about staff canteens I have essentially reaffirmed my interest in interior photography. I have always had an interest in that – except I hadn’t quite copped on. I thought that I bought those interior design magazines every month because I was interested in interior design. No! I bought them, because I like looking at photos that feature interiors. 
There is a major distinction there and I know that that is the case because I have my particular favourites when it comes to the mags that I buy on an irregular basis: My favourite mag is called living etc. And what stands out about the mag is not necessarily the design, but the emphasis on good photography in there – as opposed to some of the cheaper magazines that have the same contents, but print on cheap paper and have shitty images. Not exactly stuff that the editors have shot on their own camera phone, but simply not nicely composed. What I love about the photography in living etc is that quite a few of the photographers seem to work with available light only.  Maybe that is the thing to do in that industry – you probably can’t schlepp the lighting gear around everywhere. Well, actually you could. There are plenty of mobile lighting kits, so… But by using available light, the photography references the design principles that have hopefully been used when designing the spaces – and the light from the windows and fixtures is defining for design.
Anyhow, I had great fun the other day playing with my passion for interior photography and bringing my own (badly developed) sense of graphic design and my expertise as a copy writer into it. While developing my assignment for professional practice, I came up with the idea of presenting my images that have to be shot for that class in the format of a interior design magazine. And I quickly made a mock-up of the cover just for fun:
Would be a dream to actually work in that field. I am wondering how to get into it. Unfortunately it is not the best of times for it. In boom time it would have been a great service to offer home photography for all those people who were selling their properties. Or is that even more important nowadays that people find it hard to sell their houses? Would they be willing to fork out money for that, though? Maybe I should start a survey and find out?Or someone will reply and tell me in the comments what they think about that idea…

Any Comments?

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