One Way Street – No Entry!

Ok, on we go. I have calmed down considerably. Maybe it was a good advice to step away from that project? I nearly had a nervous breakdown last week, if I am totally honest. Well, that’s overstating it, but I had to let the effin’ thing lie for a while and just trust that things would eventually sort themselves out.
They have, to some degree. Well, at least when it comes to further canteens that I am shooting. I have permission to shoot in two more places, four if I finally get my arse in gear and finally shoot in the places I already have organised permissions in… Anyway, I immediately got on to my friend to see if he can assist me in there, show me around etc. We have scheduled our shoot for Friday afternoon.

Really looking forward to that now – I have to get moving again. And I am bloody stuck with the LF. Everyone is pushing me to continue with it. Yet I am still annoyed that I have that millstone around my neck. To clear this up: I LOVE LF photography. I love the outcome, the brillance, the clarity, the richness of detail. I love the process of setting up, of focussing, of shooting. I don’t find it difficult either, and my results have been good so far (apart from that one silly fuck-up), so I am not worried about my technical prowess here. What I am annoyed with is getting the bloody thing to my location!!! Because that makes me dependent on private transport, i.e. a car. I do not have access to a car all the time, and if I do there is still the issue of parking.

Well, however much I complain, it looks as if I am stuck with it. Well then, I better accept it and get on with it.

Any Comments?

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