Sky’s the Limit

Right, let’s get out of lethargy and back into action. No time for stalling, really. And after a right old pep talk from my second tutor, K___, I am suitably fired up. Hungry for more, you could almost say. You see, the thing with me is that I need positive reinforcement. By that I do not mean a band of SAS soldiers, backing me up while I “shoot”. (Although… come to think if it, if John Porter leads the mission, I might reconsider…) Sorry, getting carried away here *sighs*. What I do mean, however, is that I react to negative criticism with general depression and paralysis while positive criticism spurs me on. The artist as a mimosa??? In my case you could say so. *um* 
I am constantly struggling with the fact that I know when my project does not work. But I cannot put my finger on the why. That’s where a second opinion comes in. Or a third opinion. And listening to my tutors, I immediately understand what they are pointing out and I take it on board. But every time it happens, it totally throws me that they see the solution to my problem and I can’t. Shouldn’t I know this myself? After all I am the most familiar with my project…
Ah well, overanalysing, as usual. I should just get on with it. And in this case that means I need to get more canteens on board here. I am still waiting for a few contacts to get back to me about permissions, but of course this is not something that canteen and facilities managers are particularly pushed about. I may have to go down another route, one that K___ suggested, which is widening the project and looking at any space used for communal eating.
Right, I’ll ring the Garda Commissioner now to shoot in the Garda canteen *ggg*. Well, the sky is the limit!

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