I am stalling a bit for time here. I know I should be working on many projects – I should be shooting more Hollywood Glamour, organise another canteen to shoot in or to try and get some more interior images done. But guess what? I am somehow a bit burnt out. I don’t think I have ever pursued a project for more than three shoots. 
That’s a slightly shocking admission, isn’t it. Well, it had never occurred to me up until I started studying that a photo project requires more than just being in the right place at the right time. Ok, that is enough if you are doing street photography here and there. But even then that may mean that you shoot 500 images in an hour or lurking on the streets and still come away with nothing.
Similary, set-up shots need more than just one try. I know I have been joking a bit about my four shoots in Trinity. And yet I somehow feel that is the best prepared of my project shoots because I had become so familiar with the place, I really knew about its light, its dark, its nooks and crannies.
Maybe that is why I am not feeling “guilty” anymore about my regular fall-back when it comes to a soothing, beauty project: I love my sunrises. I know they are tacky and overstretched, but somehow they are always new and always challenging. The best thing is: it is right there, in the morning, when I get up, and all I need to do is hang myself out the window and I get the shot. I don’t have to ask anyone for permission, there is no model release form to be signed, the result is instant. I love it – and who knows – maybe my sun-indulgence will eventually become a project in its own right? Ad sole!

Any Comments?

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