Fitness for Fotographers

Any more of these Large Format shoots and I am gonna be fit as a trainer! Seriously. I went down to Trinity again today – another re-shoot. At this point it is not even embarrassing anymore, it is simply funny. It was the fourth time in there, and the banqueting manager, K___, knows me by now. He has actually been the most supportive and yet easy-going manager to deal with. What a joy, especially as this is more or less the first location I had been shooting in. 
I went down there because it turned out that maybe there was something more conceptually interesting to be gained from photographing the East Dining Hall where the professors eat rather than the plush and conventional student dining hall. The latter has a touch of Harry Potter about it, as my V.A. assistant C___ told me last week. The East Dining Hall, however, is a bit of a 1950s timewarp. Somehow, against the splendour of the wood-panelled, oil-painting-ed main dining hall, it is quirky and modest. (Modest? For the profs? Well, apparently the profs have a very fancy and special art deco bar in their exclusive quarters, so they probably don’t mind…)
To get back to the fitness: While I caught a lift on my way down to the shoot, I was on my own when I wrapped up. Alone with my backpack containing marky Mark, the detached Cambo and the folded-up Manfrotto tripod. Two kilometers with Manfred Manfrotto on my shoulder and Cambo in my hand. Ouch. At least it fits my current diet. The funniest thing: The comments and looks from other people. Two van drivers in Trinity: “Oooh, look at that. Big camera.” – “Yeah, doing a Playboy shoot.” You wish, boys, you wish…

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