Fun fun fun

The secret to the most satisfying photo shoots? Stick to the plan but keep your mind open. What wise words. And not that I made a conscious decision to observe this rule, but it is something that occurred to me yesterday when shooting for a college project of mine. 
I am currently interested in the kind of Hollywood glamour shots of the 1920s to 40s. I am not really talking pin-up stuff, it is more portraits of the movie stars with soft lighting, elegant poses and magnificent hair and costume. So I called in the three Ms: my friend M___ who is a make-up artist and my friend M___ who is a costume connoisseur, plus hairstylist M___ who works on period films. Together we created what I wanted to be a 1920s androgynous look.
Before we started I announced that I did not want the shoot to go on for more than two hours. And I managed to stick to my resolution, kept checking my watch and managed to wrap it up within that time frame. The result? A fun shoot where noone got too tired and exhausted and where we had the energy to sit down together and chat for two more hours over a cup of tea and some cake.
I did not shoot that many pics in those two hours. But what I got is really nice. And to get back to the open mind: I managed to get some 1920s-style images in there. But the favourites of the day are actually too nice in colour than to change them to B/W. They look quite contemporary, and I am deliberately leaving a warmish colour cast on them, because I love the strong pink in it. Maybe that is because today is the main Carnival day in my native Germany and I feel the need for outrageousness? Hooray for a bit of fun!!!

Any Comments?

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