Catch 22

What do you look for in a photographer? A signature style? Or a variety of approaches? I think I have been pondering – inconclusively – for too long over that question. And in the absence of a typical Sonja style, I have approached each and every shoot, assignment and project from different angles. Literally so. Thinking that I needed to explore the endless possibilities of shooting, I have completely overlooked one thing, though: consistency.
Is that just another word for signature style? I suppose not. It applies to the quality of the images as much as the approach. But having a particular style probably helps achieving better quality – because you practice your unique way of making pictures, your way of seeing, your special interpretation of reality.

Profound!!!! *yawn* Or rather: an uncomfortable realization of my shortcomings. My approach so far has not been “varied” but “all over the place”. That much is clear to me now. How does one go about finding one’s own, individual style, though? Through trying lots of different aproaches?
I’m in a vicious circle. If I were a writer, I’d call it writer’s block. Photographer’s fix, anyone?

Any Comments?

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