Project Work Again

And we are off. Yesterday was the first of the “serious” shoots. Trinity College dining hall. And it went well, I think – as far as the process of shooting went. The result of the shoot is unclear until I have the developed slides in my hands.
With last semester under my belt, set-up was quick and easy and posed no problem at all. In fact, shooting the LF images was a cinch. Except for working out the exposure time. In the absence of a light meter I had to use marky Mark to work out shutter speed. 1″6. And what is that exactly? Numbers tend to throw me off, and converting temporarily got me into a panic… Should have foreseen that, Sonja!!! – Luckily I realised that I had TTL metered with my camera still set to 500 ISO and hence the shutter speed too fast, anyway. New metering revealed that I needed a shutter speed of 10 seconds for an aperture of f22. *phew* That was easier, even though it was the first time that I had to use the B setting on the lens.
I chose the largest f-stop for my shots because I wanted to get as much detail in as possible. Photography is a rather exact science, but I have to admit that there was a bit of personal judgment involved here. When metering for a shot against the windows, I had to rely on the impressions I got from looking at the small screen, in order to determine whether to try a 6 second or an 8 second exposure. Personally, I love the burnt-out white of windows in interior photography, but since it is hard to tell how that will exactly show up on the slide, I thought I should better be on the safe side and try both exposure times.
With the LF shots in the box, I decided to go around and take a few detail shots of the dining hall. These are not just reference shots, but I need to “bump up” the content of a photobook that is connected to the project. It makes sense to give a few more insights into the workings of this student canteen, i.e. the furniture, the decoration, the staff, the people who eat there. Whether the LF work will sit well with the digital mixed bag, remains to be seen.

Any Comments?

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